SoulPainting & Intuitive Creativity Experience

After struggling with perfectionism and the need to control things, Katrina Evans of Raising Conscious Vibrations had a lifechanging soul painting experience. Now she shares how it helped her let go and let intuition guide the outcome of her art and life.

Katrina hosts a SoulPainting & Intuitive Creativity experience in Randburg, where guests will use stillness, meditation and art to play, explore and reconnect with their inner wonder child.

The experience begins with silencing the mind and breathing, guests are reminded that this is a time to relax and play with paint while listening to the messages from your soul. There is no expected outcome, no judgement, and no need to get it right or perfect. The course meditation teaches how to follow your body’s way of saying yes and no.

Those innate responses are then used to choose a location to create in the studio or garden and to choose instruments and materials. Katrina provides guidelines on how to abandon the inner critic and continue painting, the results are often surprising.