Union Buildings

The Union Buildings, located in Pretoria stand as an emblematic symbol of the nation's political history and unity.

Completed in 1913, these neoclassical structures house the official offices of the President of South Africa. Designed by architect Sir Herbert Baker, the buildings boast an elegant sandstone facade complemented by lush, terraced gardens that provide a serene setting for visitors.

The buildings hold historical significance, having witnessed pivotal moments in South Africa's journey towards democracy, including Nelson Mandela's inauguration as the country's first democratically elected president in 1994

The lawns surrounding the buildings offer an inviting space for gatherings, cultural events, and public protests.

Guided tours are available, allowing visitors to explore the buildings' interiors and gain insight into the nation's political legacy. The site's strategic position on Meintjieskop Hill affords panoramic views of Pretoria, creating an atmospheric backdrop for reflection on South Africa's past and its path towards reconciliation and progress.

Time: Mon-Friday 7am-6pm

Price: Free

Venue address: Union Buildings, Government Ave, Pretoria

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Tel: 012 300 5200