Unlock: Decypher 2024

Music-lovers are invited to step into an uncharted realm of music and dance with Unlock: Decypher 2024. Here, the very essence of sound intertwines with the vivid tapestry of three-dimensional visuals— crafted through collaboration with local maestros of the turntable.

The narrative of Unlock 2024 unfurls across five transcendent chapters, each symbolised by a key. Within each key, a curated lineup of DJs usher attendees on an immersive journey. These chapters offer a unique fusion of electronic music, pulsating rhythms, and futuristic visuals, all in alignment with the festival's Unlocking Worlds ethos.

The talented featured acts for Decypher include: Da Africa Deep, Da Capo, Ryan Hill, and Sun-El Musician. Prepare to be captivated as Unlock 2024 redefines the essence of music and the art of spectacle.

Date: 5 to 6 July 2024

Time: 5 Jul, 4pm to 6 Jul, 11.59pm

Price: R650pp | R1 200pp (VIP)

Venue address: Heartfelt Arena, 1 000 Voortrekker Rd, Thaba Tshwane, Pretoria

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Website: https://www.360promanagement.co.za/unlock-event/unlock-decypher/