Yda Walt Screenprinting Workshops

Designer Yda Walt, who has previously sold her textile work to brands such as Calvin Klein and DKNY, offers intensive textile screenprinting and block printing workshops in her studio in Westdene, Johannesburg.

Yda Walt Studio currently offers three workshops, the first being an Intro to Textile Screenprinting course. Here students learn how to cut and print their own paper and acetate stencils, how to print on light and dark fabrics, how to use photographic screens, and how to design a simple placement print and repeat it. Course dates are available from March to September. This two and a half day course promises to have participants screenprinting comfortably by the end.

Artists who want to delve more into photographic screenprinting and exposure can partake in the Photographic Textile Screenprinting course. In this course photographically exposing screens, translating designs into silkscreen positives, and using different kinds of silkscreen positives are covered. Artists also learn how to use their own images and how to set up a personal darkroom and exposing unit. Plenty of time is allocated to exploring and playing with all the new skills, and principals of design and colour are also emphasized. The course requires that the introduction to textile printing is done first and takes four days to complete.

The Introduction to Block Printing course covers carving rubber and linoleum blocks, using blocks to print on paper, and creating and using simple repeat designs. The course takes two days. All Yda Walt Studio courses include all the materials required. Guests additionally take home a squeegee and a printed image or screen depending on the course taken. All the introductory courses are open to beginners.

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Venue address: 27 Boxes, 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg

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Website: https://www.ydawaltstudio.com/

Tel: 082 530 2925

Email: ydawalt@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ydawaltstudio/

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