Once-off Events

Calling all motivated Event organisers! Looking to INCREASE your audience and BOOST your sales? One (or more) of these is the perfect solution for you:

Affiliate Partnership with Whats on in JoburgAffiliate Partnership (comms only, zero outlying costs)

If you have over 1000 tickets to sell and/or a fantastically original event and/or tickets priced over R450 each, then you may be eligible for our affiliate partner programme. There are no outlying costs to you – you only pay a commission on sales made via our channels.

Advertise with UsMarketing Campaign (from super simple to super large)

From a basic website post to a carefully orchestrated and scheduled campaign across all of our platforms (website, newsletter, Facebook and Instagram) to ensure maximum reach and traction. This is where – budget dependent – we can really dig deep.

Facebook co-host - reach our readersFacebook Event Co-hosting (R1900)

If you specifically want to target Facebook users, then this is a great option. The cost includes a post on the website (worth R360), a post on our Facebook page (worth R420), a boost on Facebook (for R200 unless otherwise specified), a place on the Landing Page slider for one week (worth (R1200), endorsement from WOIJB (priceless!). NB Events are selected at editor’s discretion.

trade exchange with whats on in joburgTrade Exchange (for values over R3000)

If you can offer an exclusive deal for our readers (one of our favourites is a package around a festival, ie accommodation, restaurant voucher + activity) then we can give you the equivalent value in promotion across our platforms. There are no outlying costs to you – you are giving us your product for us to sell direct to our readers. If we don’t succeed in making the sale, you will still get the coverage. NB We only run a limited number of these per month.

Contact us to discuss further. Let us make your marketing as pain-free as possible.

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