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Anna Wolf: What’s in the Woods

6 to 11 December 2019

Anna Wolf | What's in the WoodsWhat’s In The Woods sees Anna Wolf performing in 8 different venues around South Africa after returning from picking up a coveted international music award in Nashville.

Anne Wolf creates alternative music with lyrics attempting to provide a platform of self-discovery for her audience so as to leave them feeling heard.

She has performed solo shows at various iconic London venues, including The Bedford, The Troubadour and The Half Moon and performed in high profile festivals including Austin Texas SXSW, South African’s OppiKoppi and The Real Concert Series in The United Kingdom and South Africa. In 2017 she was asked to open for Johnny Clegg on his final tour, playing to sold-out audiences in South Africa and London’s exemplary Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith.

Currently based in London, Wolf has been working with various A-list producers, musicians and songwriters, with her latest popular single Silence released to South African radio stations. She was recently presented with Unsigned Only’s Grand Prize Winner 2019 for her single Believer, the first time the prize has been awarded to a South African artist.

Venue: Snatch32 | Auto & General Theatre on the Square | Die Blou Hond | Rockwood Theatre Pretoria
Time: Various
Cost: Various

Facebook: @RealAnnaWolf
Twitter: @RealAnnaWolf
Instagram: @realannawolf


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