Aquaman Virtual Run – Justice League Series


The Aquaman Virtual Run is the third event of the Justice League Series – a call for runners all over the country to show their solidarity for charity.

On the event day, runners, walkers, crawlers and cyclists can complete a 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km or 10km run or walk in their neighbourhood.

For more active runners, there is 10km challenge with prizes up for grabs and the title of Best Improved Runner. Once the event is completed, runners can submit their results online. There is a scoreboard that is updated after each Super Hero Run indicating a runner’s percentage improvement.

Participation in these virtual run ensure contributions to beneficiaries such as Headstart Kids, who provide specialised, nutritional food packs to children aged 6 months to 5 years.

The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series also introduced a concept to assist our older children by allowing schools across the country to participate as a unit. Once a school comes on board they are provided with a unique tracking link that their respective school community can use to enter and on these entries linked to a school the series also provides an additional R10 per entry to the school to assist them with their much-needed fundraisings activities to keep schools and children’s education going.

Entrants into The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series get a Super Hero Kit (customised per event)

For the Aquaman Run the kit will include:
– Collectors Edition Aquaman Medal
– Limited Edition Aquaman T-shirt
– Limited Edition Aquaman Button Badge

Venue: Your own neighbourhood
Time: Anytime throughout the day
Cost: Various

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