Celine | Latest Track Hide Away


Celine | Latest Track Hide AwayCeline, a South Africa singer, songwriter, musician and actress releases her latest single Hide Away, an intimate, soulful electro-acoustic ballad.

Having written and performed her own music from a young age, Celine takes pride in creating accessible, yet intricately crafted musical landscapes in which her listeners can find acceptance and inspiration.

Hide Away features delicately balanced textural layering reminiscent of the evergreen soul and R&B hits of the last year, tied together with the fine thread of ethereal modern pop. Its inspiration draws from Celine’s own personal realisation that problems cannot be ran from, rather one’s demons need to be fought through healthy coping mechanisms and by cultivating self-love.

On the track and its meaning, Celine explains, “Overthinking is something I have struggled with for a long time and the song expresses the longing to be heard and understood – to find moments of solace and a safe space, escaping from anxious thinking and ‘catastrophic’ thoughts.”

Hide Away is available across digital platforms.

Stream Hide Away now: www.smarturl.it
Facebook: @celinemusicsa
Instagram: @celinemusicsa


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