Children’s Theatre Starting to Take Shape


Children's Theatre Starting to Take ShapeThe National Children’s Theatre (NCT) is aiming to bring children’s theatre back to life with an outdoor theatre.

In a time where children’s theatres all over South Africa are no longer running, National Children’s Theatre (NCT) aims to bring it back to life with their plan to make more use of the 4.5 acres of grounds between their two theatres. This plan culminates in the NCT’s project to develop an outdoor theatre.

The site selected is a grassy area surrounded by trees and with a slope leading down to the stage. The first steps have been implemented – clearing brush and trees on the site.

The outdoor theatre will keep within the current safety guidelines, which allow a maximum of 50 people at a time to watch a performance, as well as comply with social distancing by allowing families to sit in separate grass circles while enjoying the shows in the healthy fresh air.

Moira Katz, CEO of NCT says of the new project, “We have had parents begging us to start performances again. The problem is that we want parents to be happy to bring their children to see theatre in a safe environment. But we know that traditional indoor theatre is not going to work for a long, long time! And so, after many discussions about alternative ways of reaching our audiences we have embarked on an exciting project.”

While an issue of funds presents a barrier, the NCT considers itself fortunate to have many willing parents and friends of the theatre who have offered their support and service. With their help the outdoor theatre will be up and running so that children can once again be brought to experience theatre in a safe, secure and happy environment.

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