Conscious Breathwork: Live Online Every Wednesday


Conscious BreathworkVolker Schlettwein hosts this Conscious Breathwork course from 14 July 29 September online.

Through a safely guided journey of strong, connected breathing participants access higher states of conscious awareness, while releasing physical and emotional toxins and tension from the body. Boost vitality and harness greater creative potential while inviting deep healing, peace, joy, and abundance into everyday life.

Breathers lie on mats, eyes closed, following a rhythm of strong, connected breathing for up to 60 minutes, guided by supportive ‘journey’ music. The breathwork typically works through two phases:

Phase 1: For the first period of approximately 15 minutes (this period varies) some effort is required to push through a layer of surface resistance and physical awareness.

Phase 2: The strong, connected breathing rhythm which initially felt like effort for those first few minutes now becomes effortless. It feels like the breath is breathing you. This is the phase during which a breather begins to experience a profound inner journey with visions and insights while inviting deep healing and the release of suppressed emotions and low vibration energies.

Sessions are 90 minutes long

Venue: Online
Time: Wed 5.30 pm to 7pm
Cost: From R150

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Tel: 082 789 0900
Instagram: @volkerschlettwein
Facebook: @wildatheartglobal
Twitter: @VSchlettwein


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