Forgotten Temples, Monuments and Bridges

23 to 23 June 2018

Attendees are invited to take a tour of the many tributaries of the Sandspruit that flowed through the farms Syferfontein and Klipfontein.

These farms created a rich and fertile landscape, and though the farms are gone, many historic structures on the spruit remain. Attendees visit a series of bridges built by the City Engineer’s department between 1926 and 1938 in unusual sympathy with their context. These structures, built from locally sourced granite, have weathered decades of neglect and look as well-kept today as when they were built.

The guides are Brett McDougall, Ed Coogan and Mike Bagley.

Venue: Norwood Mall, 6th Ave, Highlands North
Time: 9am
Cost: R90 – R150


Tel: 0861 915 8000 | 011 482 3349
Facebook: The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation
Twitter: @JoburgHeritage

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