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Gerhard Marx: Ecstatic Archive

26 January 2019 to 9 March 2019

Gerhard Marx: Ecstatic ArchiveEcstatic Archive presents new work from Gerhard Marx, who engaged with a series of discarded and decommissioned cartographic archives.

Through acts of fragmentation, rupture, transplantation, migration, agglomeration and collage, Marx disrupts the boundaries of the maps to investigate the formal and fictive possibilities of perspective. Marx’s meticulously constructed, impossible geometries take inspiration from the spatial implications and contradictions of the globalised world. The result are maps in which geographies and time periods are conflated, distances collapse, there is here, then is now, and everything is everywhere.

Coffee and croissants are available at the event.

Venue: Goodman Gallery, 163 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, Johannesburg
Time: Tues – Fri 9.30am to 5.30pm | Sat 9.30am to 4pm
Cost: Free

Tel: +27 11 788 1113
Facebook: Goodman Gallery
Twitter: @Goodman_Gallery

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