Honeydew ‘A-maize-ing’ Mazes


honeydew mazesHoneydew ‘A-maize-ing’ Mazes offer a total of twelve mazes, some of which include the giant elemental maze with five secret gardens and a ten station quiz.

The newly opened honeycomb-shaped maze, the frog jumping maze which is very popular for smaller players and the six minute quiz maze designed for strategic and mind-mapping skills. In addition to the mazes, there is a climbing wall and the hole in the wall where players test their ball skills by attempting to kick the ball into black holes.

Venue: Honeydew Mazes, 82 Boland Rd, Johannesburg
Time: 10am to 5pm
Cost: R100 Children | R150 Adults | R420 Family of 4 | Booking essential for night mazes

Tel: 073 795 2174
Email: enquiries@maizemaze.co.za
Website: www.honeydewmazes.co.za
Facebook: Honeydew Amaizing Mazes

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