Lockdown Legends


Lockdown LegendsLockdown Legends hosted by Covid-Zero features musical performances and appearances by South African pop and rock stars. It is an online event that’s raising funds for the South African music industry by members of the industry. 

This event will feature appearances and performances by many of the SA artists & DJs of the ’60s, 70s, 80s, ’90s and now, many of whom have reformed or have given their time and talent to perform exclusively for this event. The event also includes tributes to some of the lost legends by more recent artists from the 2000’s

75% of the proceeds will be channeled directly to the music professionals that have worked on this project and 25% to other music industry professionals.

Lockdown Legends aims to support the  ‘unsung’ heroes – the artists and musicians whose songs music and entertainment have kept the nation partying, chilled, laughing and dancing prior to the steely grip of this dreaded virus. A virus that has prevented them from appearing live and earning their living from the gig economy, which has been decimated in the face of the lockdown.

The COVID-19 crisis has left musicians, event planners, technicians and live event crew members without an income, but the upside is something can be done about it. It is time for music lovers the world over to support their efforts – and in a fair exchange of entertainment for cash – reach for their wallets and look forward to being rewarded for their commitment and playing their part to help keep the entertainment economy alive and well.

Viewers can join in to look back and celebrate with the talents of SA’s retro ‘best of the best’, where they will perform online for all the world to see and hear from the comfort and safety of their home.

Time: Sun at 8.15pm
Cost: Ticket donations from R10 to R100

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