Online Commercial Aquaponics Training


Online Commercial Aquaponics TrainingThe Online Commercial Aquaponics Training course is hosted by Ichthys Aquaponics that provides candidates with extensive and hands on training, taking place over a 12 day period that provides skills for farming fish and plants together in a mutually beneficial cycle.

The course is designed for farmers that want to delve into commercial spheres that is ideal for both owners and supervisors wanting to learn various skills and independent business management.

Ichthys Aquaponics offers users insight into Aquaculture system design, training modules, and a range of daily tasks and activities.

The first of two weeks students are required to fully operate and run one of the aquaponic systems at Ichthys Farm. The focus on the second week is to develop the skills required to successfully operate and run a system using operational best practices developed over 14 years at Ichthys Farm.

The Course is conducted online using Hangouts, where students have access to additional content available on our unique online training portal.

Time: 9am to 5pm
Cost: R10 000

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Tel: 010 065 0776
Facebook: Online Commercial Aquaponics Training (12 days) | @ichthysaquaponics
Instagram: @ichthys_aquaponics

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