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Profile: Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve


Klipriviersberg Nature ReserveReferred to as Johannesburg’s Jewel of the South, Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve provides for an exciting and enriching nature experience.

It is the largest proclaimed nature reserve in the Johannesburg Metropolitan area and boasts a diversity ranging from large game such as Zebra and Hartebeest, to many items of botanical, geological, archaeological, historical and cultural interest.

The reserve is rated by many as a birding hotspot. Despite not having any wetlands of significance, more than 215 bird species have been identified.

Hiking is the main activity in the reserve. The many walking trails are scenic and vary in distance and in degree of difficulty. A three-hour hike along the flatter areas can be completed by most people and the steeper, more hilly areas can be testing for even the fit.

Venue: Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, Rietvlei 101-Ir, Johannesburg South
Time: Sunrise to sunset
Cost: Free

Tel: 084 804 4073
Facebook: Jewel of the South. Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

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