Something from Nothing

30 to 30 June 2020

Something From Nothing: Music with No Instruments and a Cellphone is an online, one hour recorded webinar, which forms part of the Virual National Arts Festival.

Music creation in the digital age has become more accessible than ever. But it’s an activity still associated with owning lots of gear – soundcards, speakers, preamps, mixing desks, microphones, sonically treated spaces and expensive software among more. There is also a tendency to obsess over a limited inventory of sounds: guitars, drums, saxophones, orchestral instruments. All this gear and all these instruments will always have a place in music-making. Yet they can also become a reason to not make music, one can become convinced that until they reach a certain level of professional equipment, thay can’t start creating.

This project, catalysed by the lockdown, aims to challenge that narrative, showing that with a selection of household goods, couch pillows, a cellphone, free software, and the will to make music, endless musical possibilities exist.

The workshop demonstrates this by covering the following topics:
• Choosing effective objects as instruments
• Creating workable cellphone recordings
• Setting up DIY temporary sound treatment
• Selecting useful phone apps for recording
• Understanding the fundamentals of audio processing

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