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TEDxJohannesburgSalon: Green Transition

19 to 19 September 2019

ted x johannesburg green transitionTEDxJohannesburgSalon: Green Transition, takes place with the support of the Embassy of Denmark in South Africa.

“When the emission of gases that caused global warming reached catastrophic levels, humanity decided to take steps away from systems that generated the crisis, towards those that prevented it, so that we may hand back a healthier and more prosperous planet to future generations. We found ways to reduce the risk that our quest for economic growth posed to the environment. And, we conceived new economic frameworks that sought to improve the well-being of all people, and not just some. This fundamental change in the DNA of our economics is widely called the Green Transition. The Green Transition presents an opportunity for both the public and private sectors to offer solutions to key Sustainable Development Goals, as identified by the United Nations.”

The half-day conference brings together experts and stakeholders at the centre of the stated discussion about reconciling economic growth with ambitious green policies. The event is packed with a blizzard of ideas and activities curated to test, stretch, and open the mind. Talks from speakers, and performances by artists—delivered in TED’s famous eighteen-minutes-or-less format—are grouped and arranged in two sessions, each lasting one hour and forty-five minutes, with a conversation break in between. The day ends with a networking lunch, sponsored and hosted by the Embassy of Denmark.

Expect strategic role-players in government, policymaking, and big business; along with artists, entrepreneurs, activists, diplomats, and representatives from international organisations invested in the topic. They share learnings and insights, ask difficult questions, and challenge perspectives to raise awareness, and to help generate capacity for a sustainable green transition in South Africa.

Venue: Vodacom World, 082 Vodacom Blvd, Noordwyk, Midrand
Time: 8am to 2pm
Cost: R400-R2000

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Facebook: TedxJohannesburg
Instagram: @tedxjoburg

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