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The Global Water Crisis “Talk”


A talk open to the public about the global water crisis, hosted by Professor Dr. Stephan Borrmann.

Drinking water is a rare commodity. In times of climate change the availability of sufficient, fresh water for the communities are also affected. Nowadays, already without climate change, serious problems are encountered on nearly all continents which can be exemplified by the occurrence of a series of ubiquitous, long lasting droughts. As the hydrological cycle is influenced to a large degree by clouds and precipitation meteorologists and scientists spend efforts to improve the prediction of precipitation, the behavior of large cloud systems (like during the monsoons), and the impact of global warming on the water distribution. Here the current models for the numerical simulation of weather, precipitation, and the global climate still have serious deficiencies.

Venue: SAP Auditorium, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Cnr Miriam Makeba and Helen Joseph St, Newtown
Time: 10am to 12pm
Cost: U3 Free | R16 – R140

Facebook: Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
Twitter: @SciBono

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