The Land Issue in South Africa

18 to 18 September 2018

Ben Cousins, from the University of the Western Cape, discusses the land issue in South Africa, followed by a musical performance by Motswedi.

Why is the land issue in South Africa so complicated? Is it possible to institute land policies that reflect this complexity, but are also simple enough to be implementable? What are the underlying principles that should guide us in attempting to solve the puzzle that is the Land Question?

If land issues are inherently multi-faceted and complex, then land policies must be adequate to such complexity; but implementable policies also require clarity and relative simplicity. How can complexity and clarity be reconciled? Politics tends to reduce social complexity to slogans and election promises, and land is particularly susceptible to an emotive politics of identity and belonging. Must complexity be sacrificed within the contested politics of land? These are all issues that Cousins discusses in the next episode of Science and Cocktails.

Venue: The Orbit, 81 De Korte St, Braamfontein
Time: 7pm
Cost: R20


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