TINY2020 Group Exhibition

21 July 2020 to 8 September 2020

Everard Read Gallery presents TINY2020, an online group exhibition with over 50 participating artists who have created diminutive gems; extraordinary works that are no larger than the average cereal box.

The curatorial shift toward the diminutive is not the first of its kind – but it is a historical moment for the Everard Read gallery in Johannesburg which, as an institution, has championed the production of monumental sculpture by contemporary South African artists.

The show comprises of works by artists spanning an expansive range of genres, mediums and concepts. Their vastly different practices are brought together by their size alone, allowing a complex network of tiny narratives to emerge instead of a grand curatorial statement.

Whilst none of the artists on TINY2020 usually produce work in the scale of miniature, they have accepted the challenge to adapt the way they traditionally work; the way they move their hand across the surface, the malleability of their medium, the modifications necessary to translate their concept into a smaller scale. The results are exquisite, fascinating, humorous, and tiny.

Download the exhibition catalog here.

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Website: everard-read.co.za
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