Watershed: Art, Science and Elemental Politics


What does a polluted river sound like? How does sand-filtered water taste? Will acid mine drainage scald your skin? Do oceans echo?

Wits University presents Watershed: Art, Science and Elemental Politics, a programme of exhibitions and academic symposia to provoke new thinking about water. Watershed includes interactive art installations and performances, engineering, humanities and science displays, and interdisciplinary scholarly panels. It aims to facilitate conversation and build collaborations across creative arts practice and theory, humanities, and social, natural and physical sciences.

View the programme here.

Venue: Wits University, 1 Jan Smuts Ave, Braamfontein
Time: Various
Cost: Free

Tel: 011 717 1000
Email: webmaster@wits.ac.za
Website: www.wits.ac.za
Facebook: Wits – University of the Witwatersrand
Twitter: @WitsUniversity

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