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Youth Expression Festival

17 to 30 June 2019

Youth Expression FestivalThe annual Youth Expression Festival happens at the South African State Theatre for the 11th year.

The festival brings various productions and performers celebrating the arts and most importantly observing and commemorating Youth Day.

Youth Day has significant importance in South African history and is observed on the 16 June of every year in honour of the Soweto Uprising during the South African Apartheid state. On the 16 June 1976, students marched against Bantu Education which was in place during the time and this saw many deaths of the youth, and these marches existed across the country in South Africa. The uprising continues to represent courage for future generations.

Theatre is known to bring a sense of hope in the South African youth and the South African State Theatre offers its Youth Expression Festival for productions to provide different truths from youth experiences.

The platform allows a variety of genres to tell stories through dance, poetry, theatre making, music, visual art and much more forms of expressions.

Venue: South African State Theatre, 320 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria
Time: Various times
Cost: R70

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Tel: 012 392 4000
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