Video Content Curation

Please send the following via a google drive link shared with

1. Video file(s)

Files can be in any format.

2. Info about you and your video(s)

1) The Title of the Video(s)
2) A synopsis / summary of the story behind each video or the story behind those making the video.
3) The names of the key people involved. Maybe it is just the person on screen, but consider if also the videographer deserves some credit, or the set designer / make-up artist / clothes designer / graphic designer.
4) Details / links for any upcoming livestreamed (or live!) event

3. A message / call to action (optional)

1) The link for any BackaBuddy or Patreon campaign (or similar)
2) Details of any merchandise you have to sell, or services, lessons etc (plus links)
3) A message you’d like to include

4. An image for each video cover (optional)

In other words, the image that viewers will see before they click on a video. This can simply be a still from the video, or you can create something specifically. If you don’t include a cover image, we will simply take a still from the video.


If you have any questions or issues with submissions etc please contact


Why don’t you accept YouTube videos?
Our whole premise is to keep the focus on local talent. We’d therefore prefer a) to avoid losing viewers down the YouTube rabbithole and b) to keep our advertising space for local products and services, rather than American superbrands. We will (for now) make an exception for ‘campaign’ videos that are running exclusively on YouTube.

I can’t find my original video. How do I ‘lift’ my video from YouTube?
If you can’t track down the file, then this video tells you how you can ‘retrieve’ your own videos from your YouTube channel.

Must my video be a certain length?
We accept videos of all lengths.

Must my video be a certain quality?
The audio quality must be good. If the visuals are not great, consider using some graphics as and where needed, or teaming up with an artist / videographer / animator who may already have some work that would work well in collaboration with your soundtrack.

Can I still promote my video on my own social media?
Of course! If you tag us in, then we will also promote it on our social media 🙂