Artjamming Melrose

Artjamming is a creative studio concept that combines artistic expression with a social atmosphere.

Participants, often of varying artistic abilities, gather in a communal space equipped with art supplies to freely create and explore their artistic inclinations. The environment is laid-back, encouraging a relaxed and open atmosphere for self-expression.

The studio provides a diverse range of art materials, including canvases, paints, brushes, and other tools necessary for various forms of visual art.
Participants are free to choose their medium and subject matter, allowing for a broad spectrum of artistic output.

Artjamming is not limited to experienced artists; it caters to anyone with an interest in art, making it an accessible platform for both novices and seasoned creators. The social aspect of the experience enhances the overall ambiance, as participants can share ideas, provide feedback, or simply enjoy the creative process in the company of others.

No skills are required, but for those who would like a helping hand or some inspiration, there are qualified artists at the studios to assist.

Artjamming also hosts birthday parties, school holiday programmes, art classes, tuition, team building and corporate parties and more

Time: Daily 9am - 5pm

Price: From R185 -R1200

Venue address: 60 Melrose Blvd, Melrose North, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: +27 11 684 1608