Bothongo Wondercave

Travel 40 meters down into the earth of the Bothongo Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve and explore one of the countries most beautifully decorated caves. The Bothongo Wondercave in Krugersdorp is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Natural Wonder since it is believed to be at least 5 million years old. The cave is also South Africa’s only living cave.

Explorers taking the tour can enjoy specious pathways, view cave pearls and the rimstone pool, and be awed by the huge organically shaped stalactite and stalagmite rock formations.

The Bothongo Wondercave is the third-largest mining chamber in South Africa, it was discovered by Italian miners in the 1890s. Here they mined a formation that was later powdered and used to create cement, toothpaste and to extract gold. Mining stopped in 1902 due to the outbreak of war and low productivity. Guests to the cave travel 87 stairs down and drop 22 meters below the surface before using an elevator to drop a further 18 meters into the cave.

The cave features rock formations that are up to 15 meters large as well as a rimstone pool and cave pearls. The tunnels explored in the cave are spacious, therefore guests don't need to worry about crawling. Tours into Bothongo Wondercave are conducted every two hours, on the hour. The restaurant is currently not open, however, the caves have picnic areas and kiosk.

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Venue address: 520 Kromdraai Rd, Kromdraai

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Tel: 011 957 0349