Caraci Clothing

Caraci Clothing, situated in central Johannesburg, gives guests a different way of viewing the city’s fashion district; as a creator.

Sebo, founder and creative director, leads the way in the Custom Bomber Jacket experience, where guests take the African print bomber jacket project from concept to finished product.

In the three hour experience, guests start by visiting multiple African fabric shops to find a unique print to match their taste. They are then taken to meet a member of the design teams where guests are taught how to take measurements for sewing such garments.

The designer then guides the group through creating the jacket in practical lessons on cutting fabric and basic stitching and hand sewing. Studio assistants take over to complete the jacket and add final touches. The experience is complemented with a photoshoot in arty Maboneng and Braamfontein where guests switch roles from designer to model.

An optional vlog video of the whole experience can be recorded and shared with the guest at the end of the tour. Sewing and garment construction is done at Caraci Clothing Studios, and textile shopping is done at the Fashion Kapitol.