Dlala Nje Tours & Experiences

Dlala Nje, founded in 2012, is an organisation that runs experiences and immersions in Ponte City and Hillbrow. The company believes in challenging preconceived perceptions by taking visitors to explore the most infamous and misunderstood areas of Johannesburg.

Guests can take in the megalithic views of the Ponte Tower and Hillbrow Tower, while lerning more about the impact that Apartheid and a young democracy had on these ill-famed districts. The three-kilometre Hillbrow tour, 'This Is Hillbrow', concludes with a Mzansi feast, shisanyama or morogo, and a Zamalek quart at a local shebeen.

This is an opportunity for guests to socialise with residents and merge with the community ambience. On the Ponte Experience, guests are taken through a chronological journey to understand the Ponte Tower’s history and context and concludes with a drink on the 51st floor of the building.

Part of the proceeds from tours fund the Dlala Nje Foundation, which exposes children to as many initiatives and experiences as possible in order to challenge their perceptions and ideas, develop friendships in a safe environment and help them discover their potential.

Venue address: Shop 1, Ponte City Apartments, 1 Lily Ave, Berea, Johannesburg

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Website: https://www.dlalanje.org/

Tel: 067 082 8168

Email: 5101@dlalanje.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dlalanje/

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