Elza van Dijk Pottery Studio

Learn how to work with ceramics with soothing sounds of water as your background music in the Elza van Dijk Pottery Studio in Lynnwood, Pretoria. Potters will be surrounded by the abundant earthenware, stoneware, raku and mosaic pieces created by Elza in the studio. Elza believes learning ceramics awakens inner tranquility and self-awareness and gives people a new way to connect to their surroundings.

Elza’s work encourages a green and sustainable lifestyle, this is reflected in the themes and methods used in her ceramic pieces as well as the studio's focus on recycling. Clay, paper and plastic are recycled. Elza teaches three workshops, the Pit Fire and Raku workshop uses the ancient Japanese clay that originated in the 1500s. The workshop involves a lot of collaboration and teamwork in the firing process where pieces are crackled and then reduced in sawdust. Glazing, decorations, and firing will all be covered in the course, guests can also bring their own meat for an optional braai.

The Mouldmaking Workshop covers making moulds with plaster, one-piece and two-piece mould demonstrations, and slipcasting a mould. Potters also receive information on where to obtain clay and plaster. For regular less intensive lessons, participants can sign up for Elzas pottery and ceramic painting classes. Classes take place Wednesdays to Saturdays, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions available. All materials and firing are included in the classes.

Elza's classes are open to beginners and experienced potters, hippies and professionals. A variety of bisque ware is also available for painting for participants who prefer not to get their hands dirty.

Venue address: 141 Lynnwood Rd, Cnr Albeth St and Lynnwood Rd, The Willows

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Website: https://www.elzapottery.co.za/

Tel: 082 823 7576

Email: studio@elzapottery.co.za