Joburg Film Festival

The Joburg Film Festival is strategically positioned to become Africa’s Premier Film Festival through the curation and showcasing of African and International films whilst providing youth and filmmakers with various opportunities for development, training, skills transfer and networking.

Now in its sixth year in partnership with Multichoice, the annual film festival has come into its own, establishing itself as an independent platform that showcases and rewards excellence in film.

The Joburg Film Festival viewing experience is different from traditional film-going. The festival platforms storytellers who may not typically get the opportunity to debut their stories in traditional mainstream theatres, offering an alternative screening solution for the underrepresented voices of filmmakers from all over the world, including - and especially - African voices.

The festival also has workshops and discussion panels to encourage networking and critical film engagement, and to reward some of the talented filmmakers they showcase.

The Joburg Film Festival stands for innovation, excellence and purposeful creativity. It seeks to grow and contribute to cultural tourism not only for the city of Jourg and the Gauteng province but for South Africa as a whole.

The Film Festival Programme is the first and anchor pillar of the Joburg Film Festival and is born out of a tireless process of viewing and analysing numerous titles, which culminates in the selection of 60 exceptionally curated films from Africa, the diaspora and the world.

Date: 27 February- 3 March 2024

Time: TBC

Price: TBC

Venue address: Sandton, Johannesburg

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: +27 11 328 1600