Montecasino Bird & Wildlife Park

The Montecasino Bird & Wildlife park provides visitors the opportunity to view some of their many birds, primates, reptiles, and mammals.

The park’s features showcase rare and colourful birds and creatures and is the only sanctuary of its kind on the African continent. In its walk-through, aviary visitors can see over 60 different species of birds, reptiles and unusual animals from around the world.

The park’s plant life thrives as their South African Cycad Garden is the largest and most diverse private collection of South African cycads in the world, with over 750 plants from 37 different species. Guests can watch live Flight of Fantasy shows and be awed by the bright colours of the macaws and cockatoos flying freely in the Parrot Gallery. Another feature of the walk-through flight aviary is the Frog Room, which contains frogs, reptiles and spiders, one of which is the largest spider species in the world. Reptiles include the venomous Black Mamba and Boomslang. Annie, the worlds oldest captive green anaconda, is also a part of the park's family.

Those in search of a light meal or snack can head to the Flamingo Cafe that overlooks the flamingo pond. The Montecasino Bird & Wildlife Park is open daily, and guided tours are offered to large groups.

Venue address: Montecasino, 1 Montecasino Boulevard, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes


Tel: +27 11 511 1864