Quiet as it’s kept Exhibition

The Melrose Gallery presents Quiet as it's kept, a group exhibition by the following participating artists: Bulumko Mbete, Candy Leaned,Ilana Seati, Kganya Mogashoa, Lebohang Motaung, Olwethu Devos, Philiswa Lila, Phumzile Buthelezi,Salah Davids, Tamary Kudita, Tayhe Munsamy and Zenande Mketeni.

As guests enter what has been curated as an imagery book of women by women, reminiscent of Toni Morrison's favorite African-American phrase, "Quiet as it's kept," the exhibition serves as a conduit for revelation.

The phrase embodies an incarnation that paradoxically exists in both the revealed and the concealed. It encapsulates resilience, pain, and generational trauma, acting as a cover or an alleviation for the traumas experienced by oneself or others in the family. It manifests an intimate expression of violence, both physical and emotional, through the act of resilience.

This exhibition, stands as a bold proclamation, inviting all that remains "Quiet as it's kept" to be brought into visibility. It beckons a world where an alternative reality emerges, calling upon a form of spectatorship that transcends singular narratives and permeates every facet of existence.

As visitors engage with the works on display, they are invited to reconsider their own experiences and perceptions. The exhibition serves as a reminder that stories are intertwined and that struggles and triumphs are not isolated but shared.

It challenges one to confront the silences and secrets that have plagued society, recognizing that by giving voice to what has been kept hidden, we can begin to heal and create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Therefore "Quiet as it's kept" is not simply an exhibition of art; it is a bridge towards an inclusive and alternate exploration into understanding the human condition. Catapulting us into the unknown forms of expression thus tapping into reality.

Date: 30 July - 27 August

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue address: The Melrose Gallery, 10 The High Street, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

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