Rietfontein Nature Reserve

The 24 hectare bushveld nature reserve stretches over a rocky ridge and forms part of the green belt that runs all the way to Kyalami in the north. There is a short and relatively easy walking trail in the reserve offering a view of Sandton.

Visitors can catch a sight of blesbok, duiker, hedgehog, klipspringer, mongoose and spotted genet. And Rietfontein makes for a great location for birdwatchers  - who can expect a good variety of bird types including bulbul, collared barbet, glossy starling, grey go-away-bird (grey lourie), guineafowl, hadeda, olive thrush, sacred ibis, sparrow, speckled pigeon (rock pigeon) and the spotted eagle owl.

There is also an educational centre and an outdoor classroom to learn more about the reserve. For those who want to see more, a guided tour can be booked. No dogs are allowed on the reserve.

Date: Daily

Time: 6am to 6pm

Price: Free

Venue address: Rietfontein Nature Reserve, 138 Holkam St, Rietfontein

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

Website: https://www.friendsofrietfontein.org/

Tel: +27 11 943 3578 | +27 11 712 6600

Email: mmasike@jhbcityparks.com