South African Sky Diving School

Tandem skydiving is a safe way to experience free fall with minimum training. On a tandem jump, the client is attached to a Tandem Master under a parachute built for two. After a 10 minute briefing, the plane climbs to 11 000 ft above the ground. Tandems are ideal for those who want to make a skydive "just to see what it is like” or as a definite once-off. The South African Skydiving School also has some of the country's best freefall photographers, who capture the entire experience on digital format for the client.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is the fast track program designed to turn the client into a competent skydiver in the shortest period of time. It requires a five hour course instruction, which is offered every Saturday or Sunday. On the first jump, two highly experienced and specially trained instructors hold the parachute harness as the client exits the plane to experience 40 seconds of free fall. The instructors coach, assist, and evaluate the client's performance and after the parachute opens, the client enjoys a 5 minute parachute ride, after which the client makes their first solo ‘square parachute’ landing, as instructed. Subsequent AFF training Levels are designed to add skills and self-confidence and clients can be off instruction and qualified as a novice parachutist in as few as ten jumps.

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Venue address: Lintveld Rd, Wonderboom Airport, Wonderboom, Pretoria

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Tel: +27 72 124 6670