The Bassline

The Bassline, nestled in the heart of Johannesburg's Newtown, stands as a testament to South Africa's vibrant musical heritage. Since its establishment in 1994, this iconic venue has transcended its physical boundaries, shaping the country's musical landscape profoundly. Hosting an array of genres including jazz, reggae, and hip-hop, The Bassline curates an eclectic musical journey for its audience. Its intimate ambiance not only amplifies the notes but also magnifies the emotional connection between performers and spectators, creating an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, The Bassline has welcomed renowned artists, both local and international, to its stage. Legends like Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, and Johnny Clegg have graced its boards, leaving their indelible mark on its history. The venue's significance goes beyond music; it has emerged as a pivotal space for cultural dialogue and social change. Discussions, workshops, and events held here facilitate meaningful conversations, fostering mutual understanding among diverse communities.

In essence, The Bassline is not merely a venue; it is a crucible of artistic collaboration, cultural celebration, and social progress, continuing to inspire generations with its melodic tales and harmonious exchanges.

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Venue address: Sam Hancock St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: +27 87 802 0435