The Blue Door Print Studio

The Blue Door Print Studio is rightly situated in the historic St Ninians Church where the walls have been transformed into a professional print studio. The studio invites anyone with an eagerness to learn and express themselves creatively to learn the art of printmaking and use it to express their creative individuality.

The 19-year-old studio offers a wide variety of techniques. Full colour and black and white zinc etching are taught, as well as intaglio, relief printing such as lino and woodcuts, and mono printing. The studio has exhibited in Johannesburg contemporary galleries for 14 years and has assisted more than 50 artists. They have also helped establish five private studios with their printmaking technology and techniques.

The walls of Blue Door Studio remain historic and aesthetic due to the building being more than 100 years old, originally built as a synagogue by the Wesleyan Methodist Church Trust. Guests can visit the pink church with a blue door to view the unique print gallery or find out about their workshops and swift etching press technology.