The Javett Art Centre

The Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria allows visitors to enjoy astonishing exhibitions on the premises of a university without the stress of student loans or tests you forgot to study.

The University of Pretoria and the Javett Foundation joined forces after realising they share a common belief. That belief is that the arts possess the impenetrable fundamentals to emancipate society. With the knowledge of the university’s academia and the foundation’s impact on the community, a power team was born.

Javett-UP promises to keep an open space where people such as writers, researchers, advocacy groups, historians, political scientists, and musicians can express their thoughts and ideas through various means.

Impress your date with your knowledge of political affairs and art, or learn interesting things as you browse through beautiful sculptures, paintings, and other works of art.

Time: Tue - Sun 10am - 4:30pm

Venue address: 23 Lynnwood Rd, Elandspoort 357-Jr, Pretoria

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes


Tel: +27 12 420 3960