Vula Food Shack

Vula is a self-sustainable business focused on holistic health and promoting a sustainable relationship with Mother Nature.

One of the ways in which Vula realize this goal is by providing a door-to-door, zero wastage, fresh produce delivery service. Other offerings include:

A selection of cookie dough including black sesame seed shortbread, cinnamon shortbread, double chocolate brownie biscuit, Nakathai Cardamom shortbread (which is vegan) and white chocolate chip oats.

Seedlings from the Vula garden, including wild rocket and beetroot,

A selection of freshly squeezed beverages from the juice bar and a zero-waste kitchen collection.

Time: Wed - Sun 8am - 5pm

Venue address: 156 Melk St, Pretoria, Gauteng

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Tel: +27 83 938 5511