Nan Hua Temple

Nan Hua Temple is the largest Buddhist temple and seminary in Africa and it is situated in the...   Read more

Jittery Citizens

The Jittery Citizens is the most active improv comedy company in Johannesburg. The city’s premier...   Read more

The Worst Guys

The Worst Guys (TWG): established by comedian Mark Mdluli in 2015, describes itself as "portable...   Read more

Market Theatre

Constructed out of Johannesburg’s Indian Fruit Market of 1913, The Market Theatre is one of the...   Read more

Joburg Theatre

The Joburg Theatre's biggest attraction is the popular pantomime, written and directed by Janice...   Read more

Soweto Theatre

The Soweto Theatre is situated right next to the iconic Jabulani Amphitheatre which is known for...   Read more

The Dunkelder

The Dunkelder theatre has become synonymous with hosting music shows, theatre performances and...   Read more
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